Our Services

We present an attractive and also exclusive quality for all the knit oriented items. Our long manufacturing experiences enable us to manufacture a variety of ranges of knit clothing using the finest fabrics from our own fabric plant in harmony with the latest trends. The designs and workmanship ranges from the most intricate to extremely subtle designs to suit the varied tests across the globe. Significant value additions are made to the garments by our creativity and resolution to excel.


The strict Quality Assurance regimes we have developed and implemented, within our total organization, guarantees that all our garments are manufactured to consistently high standards and meet the tight controls of all our customers. We are able to keep the quality at a high a standard by maintaining a group of qualified quality inspectors both in our fabric and garment plant.


We can easily cope with any specific product requirements, involving styling and embellishments as a garment manufacturer. We have years of experience and expertise in producing any sort of exclusive collection as required by the buyers.

Concept, Designing and Sampling

We have designing section in our head office where a team of experienced designers are constantly monitoring and researching trends and developments of current fashions, which enable us to create ideas that will assist the buyers to enhance their current products.

Sampling is very important to our buyers, as well as to have pre-idea about the order. So we very keen while its comes to sampling. Our sample making team both in head office and factory are working relentlessly to give the proper support as required by our buyers.

Our Assurance

As a make-to-order manufacturer, we welcome all customers' designs. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will work with you from the beginning of the development process to the final delivery to your dock. We will follow closely and watch over every process to guarantee the best quality products for our customers.

Our Fabrics

We are Using:

  • Single Jersey
  • Double Jersey
  • Lycra Jersey
  • 1x1, 2x2 Rib with Spandex
  • 3x3,4x4 Spandex Rib
  • Interlock 
  • Rib
  • Single & Double Pique & Locust
  • Flat Back  Rib
  • French Terry
  • One Side Brushed
  • Yarn Dyed Jersey
  • Waffle
  • Auto Striper Jersey & PK
  • Yarn Dye Stripe Jersey & PK
  • Other design as required by customers.

Weight of Fabrics we produce & use:
  • Single Jersey 115-240 Gsm
  • Double Jersey 240-340 Gsm
  • Pique & Lacost 180-300 Gsm
  • 1x1 Rib, 2x2 Rib 180-300 Gsm
  • French Terry, Flat Back Rib
  • Interlock 200-300 Gsm
  • Lycra Jersey 185-280 Gsm
  • Lycra Rib 240-300
  • And Others as Per Specification & Requirements of Buyer.

Yarn we use:
  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% Polyester
  • CVC 60c/40p. 80c/20c
  • 70% Cotton & 30% Polyester (CVC)
  • 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton (P/C)
  • Grey Mélange 85% Cotton & 15% Viscose
  • Ecru Mélange 95% Cotton & 5% Viscose
  • Cotton Melange
  • Syro
  • Inject
  • Slub
  • Over Dyed Mélange/Any Color Dyed Mélange
  • If Otherwise Require by the Buyer

Yarn Quality we use:
  • Carded
  • Combed
  • Compact
  • PIMA
  • BCI
  • CIMA
  • Organic
  • Recycle

Yarn/Fabrics we procured from:
  • Local Spinning Mills & Textile Mills.
  • India, Taiwan, Korea, China & Thailand