Worker Facilities

Visual Knitwears Ltd. is determined to provide every facility to their workers.

We believe to ensure a good working condition so that workers can give their best output to fulfill the company’s objective mission and goal.

Medical Center

Considering the provision of medical facility to our workers and staffs under the prevailing labor act we have set-up a complete dispensary supported by a medical officer and trained nurses. Necessary first aid, along with supply of medicines is provided from this dispensary. In the case of long tern treatments, the patient is shifted to a better hospital. Under the circumstances the authority takes necessary measures provides full support.

Dining Hall

A dining hall is also situated on the 8th floor. Necessary measures in maintaining a complete hygienic environment is looked after carefully. A total of around one hundred sitting arrangement is provided in the hall.

Prayer Room

Paying respect towards the religious sentiment of our people two separate prayer rooms (male & female) have been set up on the 8th floor of the project building.

Recreational Facilities

As a part of recreation among the workers and a place to relax, an auditorium has been set up the on the 5th floor. Newspaper, magazines, television etc. have been provided for the purpose. We also keep in consideration to accommodate some In-Door games in near future.


For emergency exit we have extra stair for easy quit from the industry.