VKL leftover Garments Distribution to Disable People

Human Resource and Social Responsibilities

Our HRM Department maintains the following code of conduct as per the ILO (International labor organizations) convention

  1. Does not give preference to any religion cast, sect, regionalism, gender, political or any outside pressure etc.
  2. Does not employ any worker on the basis of contract or apply force or made to work under compulsion.
  3. Does not employ or encourages any child worker.
  4. Abides by the rules and regulation of the B.K.M.E.A and B.G.M.E.A mandate, such as medical facilities with medical leave and provident fund etc.
  5. Necessary safety equipment’s are provided to the workers on specific jobs, along with monitoring of proper use of the equipments.
  6. Strongly denounces any maltreatment, complexity or abuse with any worker or staff by any person.

Production and accommodation facilities include full time supply of safe drinking water, adequate lighting and ventilation facilities.

Free meals, Free transportation, 24-hour medical centre, on-site sports and recreational facilities encourage our motivated team to serve our customers full heartedly.

Human Rights

Our factory is audited by the nominated independent testing companies and all have been signed off by our current customers, covering aspects of:

  • No bonded Labor
  • Freedom of Association
  • Safe Working Conditions
  • No Child Labor
  • Reasonable Working Hours
  • No Discrimination
  • Regular Employment
  • No Harsh Treatment
  • Transportation facility for all worker
  • Provide food in break time

Environmental safety

VKL is an extremely eco-conscious organization. The company ensures that only Azo-free dyes are used in the dying processes. The company stringently adheres to all pollution controlling norms and procedure.

Social Activities

VKL involved directly & indirectly in much public welfare activates. Various mosques around the country run by its donation. VKL establishes & run many educational institutes by its own finance. Besides serving official responsibilities VKL also serve the social responsibilities to its members. In much case VKL Management help its employees in various activities like medical expenses, marriage ceremony, education etc by granting donation. Frequently VKL attend in tree plantation activities in a view to keep this world green.


Every year Visual Knitwears Ltd. arranges a cultural program for its entire employee to keep them happy, motivated and cheer up in all state. Which make a friendly environment within and outside the factory. Aside from the inevitable yearly picnic we observe many national important occasion in a festive mood.